Since March of 2020, most of us have endured a complete upending of our daily routines. Shelter in place has resulted many people working from home, with little or no preparation for this new challenge.

I have seen a tremendous increase in cases of neck stress and strain, some cases with associated headache, as well as lower back pain and sciatica. Essentially all of these conditions are due indirectly to the Covid pandemic…people in general were not prepared when they suddenly almost without warning, were commanded to work from home. Very few people have a proper set up at home to enable optimum positioning, and minimal stress and strain on their body. A visit to your local family chiropractic like Heun Chiropractic can help ease some of these strains.

The purpose of this blog post is to give you some basic guidance on how best to improve your home work environment, and avoid the additional strain on your body.

Set up your computer to be slightly above eye level.

Start by sitting up straight, with your head over your torso, and torso over your pelvis, your shoulder blades retracted towards one another. If you have a laptop, you will likely want to either put it up on a stack of books or a laptop stand, or preferably attach it to a monitor and add a keyboard. One of the best solutions for addressing all these concerns is a company called Vari…formerly VariDesk. https://www.vari.com their sit stand solution is outstanding.

Set a timer and get up every 30 minutes.

If you are not able to easily obtain a sit/stand solution or desk, set a timer, and get up every 30 minutes. Sitting for extended periods is not healthy. Walk around your home, get outside, even for a few minutes of fresh air and natural light.

Use speaker phone, or a headset at all times.

This will help keep your head and neck from experiencing minimal stress.

Stay positive.

Break the cycle of negativity if at all possible. Read, watch or listen to uplifting and stimulating sources of entertainment and information.

Exercise regularly, outdoors if possible.

Taking a walk, or a short bike ride will change not only your body, but your mind in a positive way. While we are all working from home it can be hard to eat good all the time but taking small moments out of your day to exercise can help with weight loss.

We are making progress as a community defeating the Covid-19 virus. Be considerate of others, wear face coverings in public. Avoid large groups of people for now. Take care of yourself, and protect others. If you are in the higher risk group, older and have any of the co-morbidities known to make you more vulnerable to serious complications from this infection, stay home and away from others.

By improving your overall body function, your posture and reducing stress and strain, your body will be healthier. This too is a help in improving your resistance to this virus, and all the peripheral challenges that go along with it. Regularly visiting your local family chiropractic can help keep your body’s immune system up and fight what may be coming towards it.


About the Author: Scott J. Heun DC, CCSP

Dr. Scott Heun is a practicing chiropractor in Napa, CA with over 30 years of clinical experience. He is also the co-founder of B•Strong4Life® www.bstrong4life.com a revolutionary company dedicated to improving core strength, balance and bone health using a proprietary system of analysis, training and patient management. In addition, he is also a sought after chiropractic advisor and mentor, specializing in patient-centered practice and doctor patient communication www.chiropracticementoring.com Dr. Heun can be reached at drscott@bstrong4life.com