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How you’re built matters. Gravity is unrelenting. It can be your lifelong friend, or a furious enemy. At BStrong4Life Napa Valley Center the battle for your structural health begins with understanding how you are built today.
We want to know what gravity + time, toil, trauma, and the stress of life have done to you so far, therefore, we create a BodyBlueprint to work from. Guessing about any aspect of your health is out of the question.

The unique approach of Btrong4Life Napa Valley Center is to comprehensively assess both your overall body structure – the relational position of your head, torso, lower body and feet – your MacroStructure and the relationship of your joints to one another, as well as the actual structure of your bones, their strength and health – your MicroStructure. We use state of the art digital technology, and computer aided assessment tools to insure we have the most accurate information possible.

Once we have a completed your BodyBluprint we have something to show you, in order that together we formulate a plan to address your pain, loss of function or general lack of health and vitality. Healthcare should be a partnership between patient and physicianand should always be cooperative.

Our role is to help you manage your current condition. The first step is usually to get you out of pain, or to restore some function you have lost. Then, developing a proactive strategy to improve your body mechanics, and structural integrity can be implemented. Once you are as stable, strong and capable as possible, we suggest ways to support your structure and function in the future so you may maximize your physical potential. In other words, so you can fully embrace life every day.

Call or email today to set up a convenient time to meet with Dr. Scott Heun, Dr. Douglas Weed, and the BStrong4Life Napa Valley Center Team. We will work together to determine the best path to take in your particular case.

Dr. Scott Heun

Dr. Scott Heun

Founder, Clinical Director, Chiropractor

Dr. Douglas Weed

Dr. Douglas Weed

Functional Wellness, Weight Loss Expert, Chiropractor

Dr. Kenneth Fraser

Dr. Kenneth Fraser

Chiropractic Care

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