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BStrong4Life® provides strength, balance, bone health and fall prevention programs offered through medical professionals. The combination of brief and infrequent highly intense, measurable and repeatable protocols is known collectively as Dynamic Functional Training.

All this can be accomplished in a BStrong4Life® Center in 15 minutes, once a week, in your street clothes.

The combination of equipment and tailor-made protocols for each individual condition is often more effective than medication, traditional physical therapy and even surgery.

A special focus on Balance, Core Strength, Bone Health and Fall Prevention

BStrong4Life is a proprietary system to determine baseline structural spinal integrity, strength, postural balance and symmetry – followed by closely supervised and monitored chiropractic care and physical training, targeted at improving posture, spinal stability, maximizing core strength, optimizing extremity joint stability, as well as improving muscle and bone mineral density (BMD).

Dr. Scott Heun and Dr. Perry Cammisa (Chicago, IL) Co-Founded BStrong4Life in 2009, and continue to advance the use of optimized training systems and applied biomechanics to help patients recover from injury and lead healthier more productive lives. There are currently 24 clinics around the country utilizing this revolutionary system.

The BStrong4Life Protocol includes an initial interview and health history, physical exam, precision weight bearing digital radiographic examination, and may also include referral for a DEXA Scan (Bone Density Exam). Once this evaluation is complete, the best course of action for each patient is determined.


Phase 1

If a patient is in pain due to injury or an acute flare up of a chronic condition, the immediate needs of reducing pain and inflammation and returning the patient to their activities of daily living is the primary focus. Patients accepted for care are treated in phase one with specific chiropractic care for their unique problem, taught proper biomechanics for work, home and play, and how to further eliminate pain and improve mobility and function on their own. True health care is a team effort involving both the patient and the doctor.


Phase 2

Patients in phase 2 transition from hands on chiropractic care, to implementing patient specific exercises, stretches and the BStrong4Life Training System using whole body vibration (WBV) and the Core4 Exercises. This unique training consists of working the entire body in 4 perfected positions, once per week; about 20 minutes from warm up to cool down. This weekly session forms the foundation for increasing the strength of the body in every capacity; bones, joints, muscles and ligaments, and improving overall posture. This is the rebuilding phase, restoring as much structural integrity to each person’s body as possible, consistent with each individual’s wants and needs.


Phase 3

Once a patient is structurally and functionally sound, a plan to manage the condition or latent effects of injury is recommend. This phase will include some level of training and life-style, ergonomic monitoring to insure each patient is able to perform at their best in all aspects of their lives. The key is to insure each person is the best they can be and their body is as structurally and functionally capable as possible in order to fully enjoy life and minimize the effects of gravity, stress and strain on the body.

What kind of results can be expected from the BStrong4Life System?

Patient’s suffering from chronic spinal pain, in particular lower back and neck pain often have at the root of their problem, a break down of spinal structural integrity coupled with substantial loss of core strength. This is also true in cases of osteporosis.

Once the structural weakness is analyzed and measured, a patient-centered course of care is followed to improve or correct it. Most patients feel great, achieve a more stable underlying spinal structure, and are able to rebuild their body in a balanced and efficient way. As a result, dramatic gains in strength, stability and function can be achieved.

This training regimen produces an average strength increase among all users tested of 78% increase in year one, and over 130% in year two. Many users continue well beyond this time frame, and continue to get stronger, as the benefits of efficient training once per week empower them to achieve in other areas of their life. In the long run, the added benefits of this training are increased bone and muscle density, improved overall circulation, joint stability, and function. Many patients have demonstrated positive changes in bone density as evidenced by DEXA Scan, in as little as 6 months of training.

BStrong4Life Training forms the foundation of fitness and structural health for most patients…you can certainly do more, but you should never do less.

As a community service, to introduce this revolutionary approach to musculo-skeletal health care to as many people as possible, the BStrong4Life Team will provide a complete initial assessment including a health history and exam, postural analysis, digital weight bearing radiographs, and a consultation to review the results.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Scott Heun

Dr. Scott Heun

Chiropractor, Clinical Director

Dr. Scott Heun is the founder and clinical director of BStrong4Life Napa Valley Center. Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, extensive training in clinical biomechanics, and vast experience in assessing, treating and managing complex spinal and extremity problems.

Dr. Douglas Weed

Dr. Douglas Weed

Functional Wellness Expert

Dr. Weed practices Functional Nutrition in Napa where he incorporates advanced Functional Medicine laboratory testing with scientific detoxification protocols.

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Dr. Scott Heun, Chiropractic Care: drheun@heunchiropractic.com

Dr. Douglas Weed, Weight Loss, Functional Nutrition, Chiropractic Care: info@loseweightnapa.com

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