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Weight Loss

"I highly recommend Ideal Protein weight loss program. It has changed my life. "

I found out about Ideal Protein at my chiropractor’s office. I was very unhappy with my weight that kept gradually getting worse.. Also, I had some significant health concerns and my Kaiser doctor wanted to put me on some strong medication. I was taking a lot of ibuprofen and Tylenol for pain and I also had heart palpitations that scared me.

Now I’m not big on diets and didn’t know if I could be successful because I’m not the strongest person in the world and have a hard time with self-discipline. So I came in to talk to Dr. Weed about the Ideal Protein weight loss program. It seemed like a healthy diet with an emphasis on good nutrition.  Dr.  Weed was really encouraging during our consultation. I could see that he really believed in this program and it’s success in helping people gain control over their lives.

Initially I was concerned about the cost. I was to eat 3 of the IP Foods per day. However,  when I took into consideration how much I ate out, how stores I stopped at, how many  drinks and junk food I ate, and how unhealthy that was, I think I’m actually saving money and I’m better off and healthier too.

Vitamins cost money too but it’s a lot less than the medications I was headed for and a lot better for me.

On the Ideal Protein plan I weigh in and chat with Doctor Weed once every week. There are daily videos from the Ideal Protein doctor about eating healthy and staying the course. I’ve learned a lot from these videos and they’ve been very helpful.

At first it was very difficult to make the changes in my eating, but after just one week I started losing weight. I lost  9 pounds in the first week. That inspired me to keep on and showed me that I was on the right track. Since April 1st 2018 when I started IP I’ve dropped weight every week. I’ve lost 45 pounds in 5 months. I couldn’t be happier!

I’ve gone from a size 14/16 to a size 8. I’ve lost the equivalent of a full 5 gallon water bottle in 5 months! My pain is gone or greatly reduced, my heart’s not skipping beats anymore, I’ve avoided medication . In fact, when I saw my Kaiser Doctor  she told me that I did the best thing that I could do to improve my health and that was to lose weight. Now I’m in good health!

I look and feel so much better and I’m so thankful to God for this diet and can’t wait to reach my goal. I’ve really learned a lot about what it takes to lose weight and so happy to be on this road to being thin, more energetic, healthier and happier.

I highly recommend Ideal Protein weight loss program. It has changed my life.

– Sincerely, A.W.


Andre-W-before Andre W-3

Andre W-2 Andre W

"The support I received from Dr. Weed and the clinic was amazing."

My name is May  and I’m 38 years old. I knew I had a weight issue but was in total denial about my lifestyle and food choices and would constantly talk myself out of committing to a healthier lifestyle. I’ve tried joining a gym and buying workout DVDs to follow at home but nothing had a lasting effect. When I started to eat healthy food aka not from a drive through, I’d feel better for a little while but would eventually get back into my unhealthy cycle.

My husband’s childhood friend had posted on social media about a life changing program she just completed and her message was so inspiring. That’s when I learned about Ideal Protein. I reached out to a local clinic and went in a few weeks later. I’ll admit…even after my initial appointment I still had reservations and was in denial that I had a weight problem. Finally, my husband and I decided it was time, so we signed up and started our Ideal Protein journey. My starting weight was 167, my current weight is 132. I phased off at 14 weeks and felt amazing. I’d lost so many inches and wore sizes I never thought I’d wear again. I took my own before and after pictures and it definitely made me open my eyes to how overweight and unhealthy I was. The support I received from Dr. Weed and the clinic was amazing. They’re responsive, friendly and are my biggest supporters…. I could not have done this journey without them.

It’s been about 6 weeks since I’ve been on maintenance. I’ve not had any cravings of junk food and am so much more mindful about what I eat. I know I’ll continue to be successful and maintain my weight as long as I apply everything I’ve learned. I would definitely recommend this protocol and this office…as long as you can commit (mentally and financially), you can do it!

– Thanks, May M.

Before (167lbs) and After (131lbs):

May-before-1 May-after-1

"I noticed a huge change and difference in my body and in my clothes"

When I was a patient of Dr. Heun, I heard about a meeting about changing your way of eating; your habits and becoming healthy. I decided to give it a chance and go to this meeting to see what it was about. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I was a 45-year-old woman wearing 170 for pre-diabetic high cholesterol with back and knee pain always exhausted and tired. I had tried working out by myself for years with little to no results.

So when I heard about this meeting I decided to give it a try and see what it was about. Everything Dr. Weed was talking about seemed too good to be true, how I can feel better just by changing the way I eat. I decided to signup for his program and was super excited to see what this could do for me. After a few months, I noticed a huge change and difference in my body and in my clothes. I now weigh 133 and am no longer pre-diabetic nor do I have high cholesterol. I am the healthiest I’ve ever been. I have no headaches, a lot more energy and no more back and knee pain. I also used to have really bad allergies and they’re all gone thanks to Dr. Weed and his amazing program.

– L.G

Before (170lbs) and After (133lbs):

LG-Before LG-After

Functional Nutrition

"I would very STRONGLY recommend anyone with digestive issues to see Dr. Weed. "

I went to Dr. Weed complaining of stomach and digestive issues.  I had severe cramps, diarrhea, weight gain, hair loss and I was fatigued.  I showed him the results from my endoscopy and colonoscopy and said my GI Dr. prescribed a proton pump inhibitor and an anti-inflammatory drug which was going to cost $325/month.

 I went to him for a second opinion.  

Dr. Weed did 4 tests which showed my GI Dr. didn’t have a clue.

  1.  Stomach acid- instead of having too much I NONE.  So taking the proton pump would have just made things worse further down the line.  GERD can be caused by too little acid as well as too much.  I have learned a lot from Dr. Weed about stomach acid.
  2.  GI Stool test-  This test showed that I had parasites and yeast build up.  When you have no stomach acid your first form of defense is gone and so EVERYTHING goes straight thru to your intestines.  If it’s a good match it will cultivate and cause problems.
  3.  Leaky gut test-  This test confirmed that I was also suffering from leaky gut which explained my weight gain and my cholesterol shooting up in a year’s time.  When you have low stomach acid you can also develop leaky gut but also from sugar and wheat creating little breaks in your lining.  The food particles, bacteria, yeast, viruses all escape your intestines directly into your blood stream and cause inflammation and in my case my liver produced cholesterol to protect my blood from the “foreign invaders”.
  4.  Food allergy test- This test showed I was producing antigens to all kinds of foods.  This is because when they enter your blood stream your body creates antigens because again it thinks that they are foreign invaders.  If you don’t fix the leaky gut these thing develop into full blown food allergies.

So what am I doing?

  1.  Take HCL (acid supplement) with every meal
  2.  Take RepairVite to fix the leaky gut
  3.  Take Undecylenic acid?? to fix the yeast
  4.  Took one time to RX to get rid of the parasites.

I kid you NOT, 3 weeks later I feel fantastic.  I’ve lost some weight but more importantly all the digestive issues have cleared up.

I would very STRONGLY recommend anyone with digestive issues to see Dr. Weed. He is very knowledgeable and instead of trying to just give you a pill to make some symptoms go away he will actually treat the root source of the problem.

All of the tests cost about 1/4 of what the colonoscopy did.  Highly worth it.

– M.D.

"I will be forever indebted to Dr. Weed for the incredible service he provided"

Here’s my story: After sudden-onset of weeks of diarrhea & bloating, I started doing what most people do, researching online and making self-diagnoses based on my symptoms. I cut out dairy, spicy foods, coffee, and alcohol. Even tried cutting out gluten. Nothing helped. The diarrhea persisted and the sleepless nights were taking a toll, only getting 45min to an hour of sleep every night on and off. I was going to the bathroom every 30-45 min and hadn’t had a normal stool in almost a month. Then came severe fatigue, lightheadedness, and flu-like symptoms, so, out of frustration I went to the doctor.

Since I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I work in skilled nursing facilities and hospitals. My primary care doctor and I concluded that it had to be a bacterial infection of some sort. I was prescribed Vancomycin and was ordered to submit a stool sample. The Vanco cost me $1000 and didn’t even touch it, and in fact upset my stomach even more. The stool test then came back negative. I took another stool test that my doc ordered and it was sent off to a lab to evaluate for ova & parasites and other common buggy-bacterial things… This also came back negative. I was now even more frustrated and now, getting scared. My stool was getting more frequently bloody and I was getting more lethargic and unable to exercise, unable to climb stairs, and was getting weaker by the day. I lost 35 pounds in 6 weeks, all while eating as normally as I could, following a combination of BRAT diet and Paleo, based on what my primary wanted me to do, and what made logical sense at the time.

I was now anemic and had white blood cell, eosinophil, and inflammatory markers through the roof. I was referred to a GI doctor but after looking at my case my GI skipped the exam and went straight for the colonoscopy. At the same time my PCP ordered the Promethius panel, which gives general markers for inflammation and can serve as an initial diagnosis-point for UC and IBS. These came back “likely Ulcerative Colitis, and definitely Irritable Bowel Syndrome” but inconclusive unless a colonoscopy is performed. So, off I go for the scope. And what does the GI see? A ton if inflammation. I was diagnosed with UC and was prescribed two commonly used anti-inflammatory UC meds, costing a total of $1500, and hydrocortisone enemas, every night. The UC meds were horrible, and obviously nightly enemas are no fun either….No relief at all, and made my cramping 10x’s worse. I was very, very scared and frustrated fearing my active lifestyle and way of life in general would be changed forever. There is no way to describe the depression, frustration, and helplessness that I felt throughout those 3 months

Then it all changed…. I was referred to Dr. Weed by a good friend of mine and after looking at some basic lab tests that my PCP had done at the very beginning, Dr. Weed did two things. He asked me if I had been anywhere on vacation in one to two months preceding the onset of my symptoms. I told him I had been to Mexico. He then told me that an eosinophil count as high as mine (15% of all my white blood cells were eosinophils, they should be 3% or less), was virtually diagnostic for a parasite infection with a Helminthic worm. He explained that eosinophils evolved solely for the purpose of fighting infections with this type of parasite. He ordered a Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis, which included a much more sophisticated method of determining parasites, called a DNA-PCR test. He got me the answers I was literally dying for, and recommended to my PCP exactly what medication I needed to take to get rid of the worm parasite (It’s called Strongyloides or whipworm, to be exact).

Dr. Weed believed that I probably picked it up in Mexico, where it is common. After only two days of taking a very commonly prescribed anti-Helminthic medication, I was 90% better. A week later, 100% cured. Symptom-free. Back to normal. I was very frustrated my PCP didn’t pick-up on what Dr. Weed easily saw. Mad that I had to spend close to $5000 out of pocket for tests and meds that were in no way related to what was REALLY going on. I couldn’t imagine how this would have turned-out without Dr. Weed’s knowledge, as I would have likely been on UC meds and having colonoscopies for the rest of my life. I will be forever indebted to Dr. Weed for the incredible service he provided and have recommend him to anyone who is looking for any kind of wellness-related information, food-sensitivity questions, or anyone battling with weight-loss or inflammatory issues.

Dr. Weed just repeated all the labs that were out of the normal range when I was ill. All lab values are now normal and my eosinophil count dropped from 15 to 3, showing that killing the worm restored normal balance of white blood cells.

– Dr. K.R

"Thank you Dr. Weed for all of your guidance and help!"

After realizing that the doctors had found that I had Barett’s esophagitis, I realized it was time for me to do a LIFE STYLE CHANGE”! It really scared me because I have known of people that had that disease and it turned into esophageal cancer because they didn’t take care of themselves, and I didn’t want that for me!

So, I knew the only way that I would stay with a program was to make a financial INVESTMENT IN MYSELF! I had heard of Dr. Weed regarding nutrition and weight loss, and decided to give it a try. NO DIETS HAD EVER HELPED ME! I LOVED the fact that he was very honest about the program. MY ORIGINAL GOAL WAS TO GET MY WEIGHT AND BODY MORE TO THE SIZE THAT I WAS AT WHEN I GOT PREGNANT 30 YRS AGO AND NOTHING HAD WORKED!

He shared with me that it was going to take the combination of Paleo diet, the Lipo-Light, and exercise to make the program work! So, off to work I went! I wanted to lose slowly so that it would stay OFF! Within the year I lost 30+ pounds but more importantly I went from a size 14-16, down to a size 8-10!!! Everyone noticed my changes and my happiness I I attribute it to Dr. Weed’s program and my hard work! I took a break due to some medical issues for a few months and now I plan to get the rest of my goal met which is an additional 30 pounds.

– Patti S.

"I highly recommend Dr. Douglas Weed for anyone with hypothyroidism"

Thanks to his extensive knowledge of hypothyroidism, Dr. Weed successfully improved my hypothyroid symptoms, after many years of unsuccessful or partially successful thyroid treatments.

 I am a 62-year-old male who has had hypothyroidism for 17 years; a severe case according to the doctors — my original TSH tests were 850.0 and 966.24 uIU/ml.  Over the years, I saw multiple doctors, including thyroid specialists, and tried various forms of thyroid (levothyroxine, liothyronine (synthetic T3), and desiccated (natural) thyroid), along with other treatments to help thyroid function, such as DHEA, cortisol, Vitamin D, and other nutrient supplements.  These were partially effective at best, and I still had frequent fatigue along with various other symptoms of hypothyroidism before seeing Dr. Weed.  He did a thorough analysis of my hypothyroid condition and had me do a number of laboratory tests, many of them for the first time. 

One of the new tests was a halide test, for excretion of iodine, bromine, and fluoride.  This test showed my iodine levels were low, so Dr. Weed advised taking iodine.  Within a couple days, I noticed a clear reduction in fatigue.  Fatigue was the most debilitating symptom of hypothyroidism for me, so his treatment has much improved the quality of my life.

During the process, Dr. Weed showed a deep knowledge of hypothyroidism, and a willingness to share and explain what he knows.  None of the other doctors I saw, or the research I did on my own, suggested iodine.  Without Dr. Weed’s help, I would most likely be asleep right now, instead of writing this.

I highly recommend Dr. Douglas Weed of Genesis Health Institute for anyone with hypothyroidism, especially if they are not having success with their current treatment.

– Gratefully, Michael K.

Chiropractic Care

"I can’t say enough good things"

Dr. Scott is personally responsible for my recovery from a serious motorcycle accident. I can’t say enough good things about him. He mapped out a plan for me and the plan worked. I recommend anyone who is experiencing pain to contact Scott asap. You’ll thank yourself when you do.

– K.R.

"It not only helps you right now, but can reverse any problem you've already had"

I have some history in my family of osteoporosis and I was hoping I wouldn’t have to age the same way as my family. I just came for neck pain and watched someone else do it, and I thought it was just really interesting….and something I could do. It does seem too good to be true. I do not have time for a traditional workout. I cannot spend hours in the gym. So, twenty seconds, that’s doable, yeah. I would definitely consider the BStrong4Life system as an anti-aging program, because it not only helps you right now, but can reverse any problem you’ve already had, and I think anyone can do it.

– Tanya

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