Dr. Douglas L. Weed

Speaker, Functional Wellness Expert and Mentor

Functional Nutrition & Weight Loss

Using Dr. Weed’s Ideal Protein Lifestyle Program (IP), Body Blueprint(SM) and Peak Performance programs, you can harness self-care practices to transform your health and change your habits. The IP program is a medically proven weight loss program designed for your long-term success.

Body Blueprint focuses on 5 essential areas to uncover and resolve stressors that lead to the breakdown of health including endocrine and nervous system imbalance, lack of proper fitness, poor nutrition and systemic toxicity.

Dr. Weed’s refreshing approach to body transformation works for all ages and addresses nutrition, the power of mindset, a manageable and enjoyable exercise program and hormone balance. Dr. Weed’s expertise has been sought as a guest lecturer for doctors, a contributor and author for Muscle and Fitness Magazine and as a biochemist for the development of Nutriceuticals for Weider Fitness and Heritage Supplements. Doctors and patients, alike, remark that Dr. Weed delivers humorous and educational presentations about transforming health that leaves people with a new sense of excitement, empowerment and motivation to take action.

Dr. Weed practices Functional Nutrition in Napa, CA at Heun Chiropractic, Inc., where he incorporates advanced Functional Medicine laboratory testing with scientific detoxification protocols; nutrition; restoration of endocrine imbalances; proper exercise; and weight control. His doctorate is in Chiropractic and he has received certifications in physical rehabilitation and as a Qualified Medical Examiner. He received post-graduate certification in Functional Medicine, with focus on functional endocrinology, digestive disorders and Peripheral Neuropathy. He is committed to lifelong education and continues to pursue his passion for Functional Nutrition through ongoing advanced education so he can help you understand your body’s abilities to transform your health.

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“I will be forever indebted to Dr. Weed for the incredible service he provided and have recommend him to anyone who is looking for any kind of wellness-related information, food-sensitivity questions, or anyone battling with weight-loss or inflammatory issues.”


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