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Reduce your risk of suffering chronic diseases from weight gain. Change the way you experience life with our Ideal Protein Serious Loser Program, led by Dr. Douglas Weed.

It’s a well-known fact that as you gain weight and become “overweight” and/or “obese,” your risks for the following conditions also increase:

  • Coronary artery disease;
  • Type 2 diabetes;
  • Cancers (endometrial, breast, and colon);
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure);
  • Stroke;
  • Liver and Gallbladder disease;
  • Osteoarthritis (a degeneration of cartilage and its underlying bone within a joint);
  • Sleep apnea, respiratory problems and more.

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Losing weight to avoid chronic diseases is an obvious strategy to healthier living. However, if you’re already overweight, learning and developing lifestyle changes to sustain a better body weight is not that simple. Until now…

Like a Fingerprint, Weight Loss is Unique to the Individual – Ideal Protein is Your Personalized Weight Loss Program

Ideal Protein is a weight loss method that finally offers dieters what they really want: a structured program capable of putting an end to constant dieting. Our medically developed protocol utilizes a low to moderate fat ketogenic diet, consisting of a short-term plan with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Dr. Weed will sit down with you and develop a personal program for your success.

3 Phases of Your Weight Loss


Phase 1

Optimize fat loss through nutritional ketosis to reach your goal

Phase 2

Understand food fundamentals, increase knowledge, and stabilize weight


Phase 3

Maintain ideal weight, and the new slimmer you after dieting

Research shows that the average dieter does so four times a year, and that 85% of dieters regain all the weight they lost, and more, within one year. Diets don’t work, lifestyle changes do. Studies on hundreds of people who completed the Ideal Protein’s four phase program, reveal that 85% lost and maintained their weight for the one to three years of the study period. With Ideal Protein, you will learn a new lifestyle filled with nutritious foods you can enjoy, all while maintaining your weight at healthy levels.

Call now (707) 255-4424 and ask us about your initial Weight Loss Assessment with Dr. Douglas Weed. Our Medically Developed Diet Protocol can be tailored to just about any individual, regardless of how much weight you need to lose.

Read Our Weight Loss Testimonials

“My starting weight was 167, my current weight is 132. I phased off at 14 weeks and felt amazing. I’d lost so many inches and wore sizes I never thought I’d wear again… it definitely made me open my eyes to how overweight and unhealthy I was. The support I received from Dr. Weed and the clinic was amazing. They’re responsive, friendly and are my biggest supporters. I could not have done this journey without them.

It’s been about 6 weeks since I’ve been on maintenance. I’ve not had any cravings of junk food and am so much more mindful about what I eat. I know I’ll continue to be successful and maintain my weight as long as I apply everything I’ve learned. I would definitely recommend this protocol and this office”

May M.

Take advantage of our free, no obligation consult, find out what your body fat percent is and sample our delicious, Ideal Protein food.

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