Many of you are sitting at less than optimal desks, perhaps even a makeshift desk or dining room table acting as your “home office” due to the recent societal changes we have all learned to endure. Unfortunately, these less than optimal postures and poor ergonomic positions are hard on your spine and muscles. This post is to encourage you to frequently move about your home, at least every hour to promote greater circulation, and reduce muscle fatigue. A visit to your local chiropractor can help keep everything loose and aligned while you sit at a less than ideal location right now.

Set a timer to sound on the hour. Then, simply get up, and walk outside, perhaps a quick lap around your house, or to the corner and back. If time allows, perhaps mid morning, and mid afternoon, take a longer walk being sure to swing your arms and stride out to maximize motion and promote circulation.

Upon returning to your work station, stand up tall. Place your fingertips on your shoulders, and then imagine that you have pencils sticking out of your elbows. Visualize this, and that you are now going to attempt to scribe the BIGGEST CIRCLES with your “elbow pencils” that you can possibly make. Really reach back, up and around. Try to move first in one direction, both elbows forward. Bring them together in the front, try to touch them if you can, same for the rearward position. REACH, and feel your shoulder blades lift, separate, and come together. When you have completed 10 circles, then reverse the direction and complete 10 more the opposite direction.

Remember to keep your head centered over your torso. Breath deeply, but slowly, Feel the “new blood” pumping into your muscles, and the ache and fatigue melting away. Motion is life. I suggest you repeat this motion a minimum of 3 times per day, but hourly would be best.

Please review this movement with me, Dr. Scott Heun, or with Dr. Ken Fraser the next time you are in the office for a check up, treatment or chiropractic adjustment with your chiropractor. We may have a few suggestions for you to optimize this motion, and insure you are getting the most for your efforts.

Stay safe, and as always, if you have any questions, concerns or comments, please email us directly.


About the Author: Scott J. Heun DC, CCSP

Dr. Scott Heun is a practicing chiropractor in Napa, CA with over 30 years of clinical experience. He is also the co-founder of B•Strong4Life® www.bstrong4life.com a revolutionary company dedicated to improving core strength, balance and bone health using a proprietary system of analysis, training and patient management. In addition, he is also a sought after chiropractic advisor and mentor, specializing in patient-centered practice and doctor patient communication www.chiropracticementoring.com Dr. Heun can be reached at drscott@bstrong4life.com